The Art of Watching Films

12 Jun

The cinema is a work of art when motion conforms to a perceptible rhythm with pause and pace and where all aspects of the continuous image relate to the whole.

—Josef Von Sternberg, Director

Five Major Categories of Filmmaker’s Focus (Thematic Elements)

1. Focus on Plot: the focus of such a film can best be stated by a concise summary of the plot .

2. Focus on Emotional Effect or Mood: the focus is on a specific emotional effect or mood that filmmaker maintains throughout the film( often most evident in genuine horror films, or conversely, in true comedies)

3. Focus on Character: the focus of such films can best be expressed in a brief description of the central character; with emphasis on the unusual aspects of the individual’s personality.

4. Focus on Style or Texture: the focus can best be started by describing the film’s unique look, feel, rhythm, atmosphere, or tone that echoes in our minds and senses long after we leave the theatre.

5. Focus on Ideas: The first step in identifying the central idea is accurately identifying the subject of the film in a single word or phrase.

The film’s central idea might fall into one of the following sub-categories:

a) Moral Statements

b) The Truth of Human Nature

c) Social Problems

d) The struggle for Human Dignity

e) The Complexity of Human Relationships

f) Coming of Age/Loss of Innocence/ Growing Awareness

g) A Moral or Philosophical Riddle

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