News Release of National Assimilation of FDI From January to June 2011

05 Aug

[Origin:Information by the Foreign Investment Department of the Ministry of Commerce]

From January to June this year, the top ten nations and regions with investment in China (as per the actual input of foreign capital) are as follows: Hong Kong (USD39.987b), Taiwan Province(USD3.792b), Japan (USD3.505b), Singapore (USD3.199b),  U.S.A. (USD1.679b),  R.O.K.(USD1.274b), U.K.(USD918m), Germany (USD678m), France (USD423m) and Holland (USD305m), total of which accounted for 91.64% of total actual use of foreign investment in the country.

According to the statistics of news release of foreign investment in June 2011. Foreign investment reached USD 60.891 billion, up by 18.4% year on year. Share Company with Foreign Investment reached USD 903 million, up by 212.92% year on year; and Stock Insurance reached USD 501 million, up by 864.25%. Foreign investment strategies have changed at recently based on  the statistics of news .

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